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How the Free Fun Page Link Exchange Operates

Link exchanges are a useful traffic building tool. Not only does your website get direct visitors from the links, but having additional links to your site will also improve your rank in some search engines.

There are several types of link and banner exchanges. One type is a direct exchange between you and a complementary site. For example, if you were a web designer and wanted to concentrate on your core site design and graphics business, you might want to setup cross links with a hosting provider and a domain registration site. Your customers would be likely to need these services and conversely someone who had newly registered a domain might need a website designer.

A second model is used by companies selling web advertising. In a typical plan an adserver is used to rotate banners onto your site. For each two exposures on your site you receive one on another site in the program with the remaining 50% being sold by the advertising company. Unfortunately, the banners appearing on your site may include direct competitors and your banners may appear on sites you do not wish to be connected to.

A third model has a link to a business directory or search site from your site. In return you are listed in the directory with a link back to your site. Because the visitors have actively selected your link and category from the directory, you will usually have a higher conversion rate from this kind of link.

We combine this third model with the content rich FREE FUN PAGE. The link page contains both rotating content from our own databases and dynamic links to other sources on the web. Typically content will change every visit so many visitors will return on a regular basis. When they are considering a purchase the directory page links them to an appropriate vendor.

Joining is easy. Just add a link or banner to your site, then email us your url. As soon as we verify the link to FREE FUN PAGE, we will setup a link to you in the directory. In your email please describe your primary business so we know what category to list you in. We do not accept links from porn sites, sites with warez, sites with pirated software or music, sites espousing or assisting illegal activity, or any other sites violating our hosting policies.

Naturally, if you use a banner or prominent link on your site, we will move you up the list in your category and bold your link description. We will also negotiate ad or banner placement on most pages of our site, not just the FREE FUN PAGE. Contact us to arrange your advertising or visit our sister company Diversity-Hosting for custom banner and logo design for your site.

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